Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Super junior M 太完美 Too perfect

Super Junior M is back ! 太完美!
He is too perfect :') 
He is getting more and more handsome. HEHE. *girly scream* 
My hand was itchy today so I made three background
click this link below to get the backgrounds 

My newly edit profile picture . If you read my blog you will recognize it cause I edit again . Biee say he don't like it cause I have tears in it . I love love love the rose inside and the tears . Emo feel . I didn't want to make it black and white so I just left it colour . Lol . I will update later about my holiday I am having at the moment. lol. and also about my school life. 

Enjoy!  太完美! ❤
Kyuhyun's voice is too perfect ! ❤ 
Their dance moves are like yeah yeah yeah~ xD

Ohh . Today is 500 days with him ❤
Sor lou , I love you . HAHHAA . Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you . You are always the perfect guy for me . I really mean it .  Without you, I don't think I will be that strong . Thank you for the advice you gave me . Although you are not online today to see my messages I hope you are online tomorrow to see them . You are always so busy while I am soooo free . We don't celebrate anniversaries together cause we can't but I always say happy anniversary to you cause, I also don't know why. I guess I have to ? xD You always keep quite but you always know how many days we have been together when I ask you >< 

Here are two random pictures of me . I have changed a bit of my blog layout. I added a HUGEEEEE sidebar on top my two sidebars . It looks more neat now, I think . I took quite a long time to find the code for it @_@ Ohh well , it's worth it . I added new songs to my blog , you have to click play to play the music . LOL . Ohh yeah . It makes my blog refreshes itself when you first go into my blog . I have no idea why . 

I am not super human who know EVERYTHING about blog editing, if I was I won't be sitting here blogging in my own blogspot. 

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