Friday, 25 February 2011

Spring- Half term holiday

Ohh yes , I camwhore-d with my super woman-ish T-shirt . Lol . The quality is like so bad even tho I took about 20 different ones which came out almost 10 blur ones .
I went out to town with my parents and then I bought a new pen and a folder because I am a cool student . Lol . I went to "boots", it's a shop which is like pharmacy shop but it sells make up , food and girly stuff . I don't really know how to describe it but anyway , I saw takeaway sushi being sold :3 The first thing that comes to my mind is "OMNOMNOMNOM" and then my sister wanted some sushi too so we bought these sushi . 
They are superrrr cute ! :3 The soy sos is in that cute fishy bottle >O< Cute much~ The sushi is okay to be eaten . It is quite rare to find sushi in my place cause I live in country side areas . They sold them in Tesco's but they are not nice there.. 

Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday 
sit . eat . sleep 

I went out on 11 morning . Walked to meet my friend at Argos, it's a shop lar . Then we talked for a while then we start to walk to the Croft. The croft is like err, I don't know how to explain, it's what on the picture below . Lol . 
These are actually photos taken last time , I didn't take any pictures when we there cos we were just busy walking and talking and we were kinda shy . Lol . but I think I got a lot of mud in my shoe when I came home T_T 

Saturday , Sunday
sit . eat . sleep 
I know what I am going to do on Saturday and Sunday so I just typed it up xD

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