Saturday, 19 February 2011


makeup ? 
I have been trying on makeup these days, it weirdly boots up my confidence ._. 

here are some love stories I found . they are so sweet ! ❤

Part 1 
Part 2

I am so emo these days

random facts ; 

fact 1 : I am living in UK aka. England at the moment . 

fact 2 : I am a Malaysian cause I was born in Malaysia , which part ? Ipoh . * I miss my friends there T_T and also food * 

fact 3 : I don't know how to type chinese cause I have a laptop which "IDK" how to type chinese . If I do type in chinese , I used the translator. 

fact 4 : I am chinese , I know how to speak but I don't know how to write much chinese . 

fact 5 : I am in a long distance relationship thats why you never see a picture with my boyfriend in my blog T_T sad face . 

LOL . Okay enough random facts . I'll tell you about my recent life . My laptop lagged a few days ago cause I installed a few new programs and then now I uninstalled everything . I don't have meitu xiu xiu in my laptop so I can't do much designing now but I still have photoshop .  

Oh yeah . About my blog tutorial's stuff , I won't be doing much tutorial in my blog unless people request for them . All my tutorials are in English . If you want Chinese version, tell me, I can get it for you . READ ALL the instructions , TRY IT , then only FIND me for help :D I self teach myself on how to edit blogs . No lar . I just research on many websites .

Patience is all you need while you edit blog templates . 

I got a call from my bestfriend :) I always enjoy listening to his cute voice . Yes , my best friend is a boy . He is busy , we less talk to each other now . Sigh . Actually , I don't have any best friends . I have "ji mui's" in school lar . Consider my best friends XD

Oh yes ! School life is boring :/ Later I post about my school life okay ? Hees . I have pictures to edit for it.

Lastly, Enjoy this song . 
okay . I'm done. 
Sorry it's too much writing T_T xD

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