Friday, 25 February 2011

Spring- Half term holiday

Ohh yes , I camwhore-d with my super woman-ish T-shirt . Lol . The quality is like so bad even tho I took about 20 different ones which came out almost 10 blur ones .
I went out to town with my parents and then I bought a new pen and a folder because I am a cool student . Lol . I went to "boots", it's a shop which is like pharmacy shop but it sells make up , food and girly stuff . I don't really know how to describe it but anyway , I saw takeaway sushi being sold :3 The first thing that comes to my mind is "OMNOMNOMNOM" and then my sister wanted some sushi too so we bought these sushi . 
They are superrrr cute ! :3 The soy sos is in that cute fishy bottle >O< Cute much~ The sushi is okay to be eaten . It is quite rare to find sushi in my place cause I live in country side areas . They sold them in Tesco's but they are not nice there.. 

Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday 
sit . eat . sleep 

I went out on 11 morning . Walked to meet my friend at Argos, it's a shop lar . Then we talked for a while then we start to walk to the Croft. The croft is like err, I don't know how to explain, it's what on the picture below . Lol . 
These are actually photos taken last time , I didn't take any pictures when we there cos we were just busy walking and talking and we were kinda shy . Lol . but I think I got a lot of mud in my shoe when I came home T_T 

Saturday , Sunday
sit . eat . sleep 
I know what I am going to do on Saturday and Sunday so I just typed it up xD

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Super junior M 太完美 Too perfect

Super Junior M is back ! 太完美!
He is too perfect :') 
He is getting more and more handsome. HEHE. *girly scream* 
My hand was itchy today so I made three background
click this link below to get the backgrounds 

My newly edit profile picture . If you read my blog you will recognize it cause I edit again . Biee say he don't like it cause I have tears in it . I love love love the rose inside and the tears . Emo feel . I didn't want to make it black and white so I just left it colour . Lol . I will update later about my holiday I am having at the moment. lol. and also about my school life. 

Enjoy!  太完美! ❤
Kyuhyun's voice is too perfect ! ❤ 
Their dance moves are like yeah yeah yeah~ xD

Ohh . Today is 500 days with him ❤
Sor lou , I love you . HAHHAA . Thank you for being there for me whenever I need you . You are always the perfect guy for me . I really mean it .  Without you, I don't think I will be that strong . Thank you for the advice you gave me . Although you are not online today to see my messages I hope you are online tomorrow to see them . You are always so busy while I am soooo free . We don't celebrate anniversaries together cause we can't but I always say happy anniversary to you cause, I also don't know why. I guess I have to ? xD You always keep quite but you always know how many days we have been together when I ask you >< 

Here are two random pictures of me . I have changed a bit of my blog layout. I added a HUGEEEEE sidebar on top my two sidebars . It looks more neat now, I think . I took quite a long time to find the code for it @_@ Ohh well , it's worth it . I added new songs to my blog , you have to click play to play the music . LOL . Ohh yeah . It makes my blog refreshes itself when you first go into my blog . I have no idea why . 

I am not super human who know EVERYTHING about blog editing, if I was I won't be sitting here blogging in my own blogspot. 

Saturday, 19 February 2011


makeup ? 
I have been trying on makeup these days, it weirdly boots up my confidence ._. 

here are some love stories I found . they are so sweet ! ❤

Part 1 
Part 2

I am so emo these days

random facts ; 

fact 1 : I am living in UK aka. England at the moment . 

fact 2 : I am a Malaysian cause I was born in Malaysia , which part ? Ipoh . * I miss my friends there T_T and also food * 

fact 3 : I don't know how to type chinese cause I have a laptop which "IDK" how to type chinese . If I do type in chinese , I used the translator. 

fact 4 : I am chinese , I know how to speak but I don't know how to write much chinese . 

fact 5 : I am in a long distance relationship thats why you never see a picture with my boyfriend in my blog T_T sad face . 

LOL . Okay enough random facts . I'll tell you about my recent life . My laptop lagged a few days ago cause I installed a few new programs and then now I uninstalled everything . I don't have meitu xiu xiu in my laptop so I can't do much designing now but I still have photoshop .  

Oh yeah . About my blog tutorial's stuff , I won't be doing much tutorial in my blog unless people request for them . All my tutorials are in English . If you want Chinese version, tell me, I can get it for you . READ ALL the instructions , TRY IT , then only FIND me for help :D I self teach myself on how to edit blogs . No lar . I just research on many websites .

Patience is all you need while you edit blog templates . 

I got a call from my bestfriend :) I always enjoy listening to his cute voice . Yes , my best friend is a boy . He is busy , we less talk to each other now . Sigh . Actually , I don't have any best friends . I have "ji mui's" in school lar . Consider my best friends XD

Oh yes ! School life is boring :/ Later I post about my school life okay ? Hees . I have pictures to edit for it.

Lastly, Enjoy this song . 
okay . I'm done. 
Sorry it's too much writing T_T xD

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentines ❤

14 . 02 . 2011
I sent 3 cards out for 
my boyfiee ; my wifeyy ; my bestiee 
these are the drawings I did on it 
I just did two drawings. Lazy me. Forgive me okay boyfie? I know your drawings are too good so I don't think my drawings would give you any surprise. 
The second one is done on RED paper if you were wondering why it's that RED.  Lol. 

The day before Valentines, I phoned my boyfriend just to listen to his voice. His voice changed, I didn't really recognize it much. I know, he is my boyfriend I cant even recognize his voice much. I am a fail girlfriend :/ I didn't listen to his voice about a few months, like half a year. More over I don't have a good memory. If you wanna know, I argued with my boyfriend the day before Valentines cause of some other reasons but it's past anyway. I didn't do much on Valentines day. I planned to call him again but he said I waste money. I just said " Okay okay. " LOL.

ohh yes ! I am not offically 158 cm tall ;D Working up to 160cm . Erm . I want to grow taller ? Just grow a few cm *puppy dog eyes* LOL. My weight remained the same. YAY me. I had my blood pressure checked in school I had the highest among my friends. Stress caused it.

My eyes gone red. OMG. Oh yes. I have to sleep earlier. I have been sleeping at 11.30 almost everyday. I know its a bad habit. I cannot change it D:

I want to put this as my facebook profile picture but I have too many profile pictures. So I didn't. I can't stop camwhoring. Eh can't blame me when my hand, it can't controllololololol. And my camera is too awesome. Lol. 
Everyday I have quite a lot of people to "wall to wall". Some of them I didn't reply cause I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. I thought I did reply them but actually I didn't -.- Paiseh.

Oh yeah, I changed my look for the bloggie. Erm, looks a abit pinkish I guess. I wanted a greyish background pattern but I couldn't find any so I just picked this pink sakura flower one. Lol. and I changed the post's font, I couldn't pick the right one so you'll see it change once in a while if you always visit my blog. 

Sorry for late replies to my BLOG'S CHATBOX, 2ND BLOG, FACEBOOK ACC1 & ACC2
I will reply everyone tomorrow since I have a day off from school.  

P E A C E ! 

I have a week of holiday next week ! So, more updates ahead ! :D When I said I have new pictures, I wasn't lie-ing. I will upload them at some point.
And not to forget, there will be quicker replies. Lol.

lastly , enjoy this song

On the Brightside.

oh yeah . the signature thingy is gonee .
I realise I ruined this Valentine post while posting all my non-valentine related stuff. 
Oh yeah, in case if you wanna know, I didn't get anything for VALENTINES DAY

Sad face :(

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Non uniform

❤ 9/2/2011
took some pictures with BFF ;)
I have only two pictures lar . Everyone so shy . Opps :X 
Everyone dress so nice . Lol . 
I didn't take any pictures of myself narr . Too lazy . HEHE . 
Short update here .

Surprise for biee on monday :D 
Valentines is tomorrow . 
To all couples , Hope you all continue sweet like each year ! :D
for me ? Of course I will giving surprises for people as always ;) ❤ 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Opps .

my blog might be closed a few days cause I want to edit it 
I am changing template >.< 
Or maybe I'll edit it without private-ing my blog (; 
I have new pictures . EHEHE . I will upload later :3 

Surprise for my CNY

31 / 01 / 2011 
I received a letter from Xiaoyu ❤
I was so surprised and I was touched >< 
she is one of my facebook friends :0 I am very excited to meet her if I ever go back to M A L A Y S I A . Her hand writting is better then mine . Envy Envy . LOL . 

eheheheee . I changed my blogger banner to this 

I look quite like a model . HAHA . * as if :P * There was this one person who say this to me when I uploaded this to facebook .
" Go enter beauty competition and I guarantee you'll get first ;D "
I LOL-ED so much . Pfft . As if I will get first :/ I took this picture with the korean style of camwhore-ing . Most koreans or korean lovers pose like this style when they camwhore . I don't know what style it is actually . I think its better to call it Krystal's style . Lol -.-

Oh Yes . On the DAYS of Chinese new year . Me and him ( aka. bestfriend ) have been argue-ing :/ sigh . Hope one day it stops . Cross fingers . I think it's stopping now since I said I will settle it . Actually a simple sorry will close this file quickly . Since he said it, it's close file now . I don't really want to lose my best friend just cause of simple matters . Well , is lie-ing a simple matter to you ? Would you leave him or her just cause they lied to you ? 

Is it wrong to kiss your best friend (male) even though you have a boyfriend ? 

Here is a song I got it from two days ago 
OMG . I am already adicted to it already .
E N J O Y ;D
She's got style by Nevershoutnever 

Thursday, 3 February 2011


I have come to update my blog ! 
BUT I am very sorry . I have no time to reply everyone in my chat box . 
I will reply you later !

Sorry I delayed another post on my trips . I'll update it later ! 
EHEHE . Here are some pictures . No edit . Lazy lar . 
red shirt . count as new year lar X) 
these days I less take pictures . so HAHA here you go . 
My new year was awesome ! Erm . Not really .  I just had steamboat on the 31st January with my family . Nothing else . I just facebook whole day long ~ 
and I was busy with homework ._. Piling up like a tower D: Not really lar . I actually CBA to do it . Sigh . 

I am planning plans for valentines day ;3 HEHEHE . I have sent each of them a card . Decorated by me . I used two days to finish them off . I hope they like it ❤ most importantly that they arrive in time :/ I hope but if it's later then nevermind lar . 

so I present you all a cute rabbit ! :3

◢████◣        ◢████◣
◢◤    ◥◣    ◢◤    ◥◣
◤      ◥◣  ◢◤      █
   ▎  ◢█◣  ◥◣◢◤  ◢█   █
◣ ◢◤ ◥◣      ◢◣ ◥◣◢◤
   ◥█◤  ◢◤         ◥◣
█ ●       ● █
█ 〃   ▄   〃 █
◥◣   ╚╩╝   ◢◤
◥█▅▃▃ ▃▃▅█◤
◢◤   ◥◣ 
█     █ 
◢◤▕   ▎◥◣