Monday, 3 January 2011

New year

although it's over already :P 
hmm . I did nothing during new year o_o Online . I went to work . Came back . Eat . Shower . Watch tv . Wait for countdown . Countdown . Sleep . HAHA . For 3 years I count down with the tv . == My tv is my best friend . Lol . Every year sure count down with the tv . 

Seems like a year past so fast ! My life ? Changed ! From a shy little girl in school, I became quite talkative . HAHA . I can't believe it myself . Well . Maybe I can . 

My new year resolutions 
  1. Less online ! ( The most important resolution )  
  2. Study more . 
  3. Talk less work more ! 
  4. Be more confident ! 
  5. Blog more ( just for you readers ) 
  6. Use less emotions while I blog . 
Well it's not much of my resolutions . Lol .

Let's take a quick brief on what happened on 2010 ! Although I don't really want to recall but it's fun . At least I have something to blog about .
2010 ! YAY ! I learned how to create better blog layouts . I know more codings . And I meet more friends . I have reached 100 followers which I didn't know it would be archived but it had ;D I posted 177 blog post which is more then 2009 which I first started . YAY!

In school I took my four subjects . ICT , Art , Graphic and Geography . Although I won't use much geography well , I just took that subject for fun ? Lol . I am no longer the newbie in school ! To be honest , I hate being newbie . Studies are fine but the main problem is FITTING IN with others .

My relationship . Sigh . So complicated . Well I can't control my feelings ? xD There were several GUYS who ask me out although I have a boyfriend . Well I rejected him :/ I broke up with my boy for about a month then we went back together . Sweeter then ever now . HAHA ! He treat me good and sincerely I treat him back the same way . I love him much ❤

I meet my godbrother ! He is funny . He is always there when I need him . Well , we are always there for each other . But then , a few days ago before new year I started an argument with him . Well , it was all cause of a small lie . I had my wrong he had his . We said sorry to each other and yeah everything became back to normal :)

Okay these are the main high points . I actually can type all day long if I want to talk about my life in 2010 . Anyways , hope 2011 is a better year !

* Back to life at the moment
HAHA . Realise I have been typing in different way ? I think it's a new way to type for 2011 XD Hmm . Life is normal . I hate it , it hates me . My phone's internet is like shit = = I can't go on it much . The wifi at home is awwwwwwwwful ! So I just have to online on my laptop rather on my phone now .

My love to him is getting stronger these few days now . I think it's cause we always chat with each other when we can now . I love him is all I can say :) HAHA . Well I hope I don't mess up our relationship with him cause I think he is the perfect guy for me ❤

thanks for the christmas gift esther ^^ 

Seems like nothing to blog now . Bye bye (:
Sorry this post is kinda difficult to read due to too much words but if you are really interested I think you would read it no matter what . 


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