Sunday, 23 January 2011


 camwhore pictures first . Dark circles T_T Sigh . I can't get rid of them cause I am sleeping at 12 almost every single day . My head is starting to ache . Ohhh great . I also don't want to  sleep so late but I just can't get to sleep .

This is Charlie . He is a ginger but not in this picture . LOL . I had to draw him in my art class . He was always moving around so it's quite difficult to draw him but at the end success ! I got the 15 minutes for fame in class after finishing this art work . LOL . 
Someone said it's more handsome then the real Charlie . Ahh :'D That made me laugh for a moment . 
He says he look like a little boy here but I think it's a mature boy . Muahaha :D

This is my self portrait . I drew it in my art class . It's not that good but I will try again next time .
the face look so chubby >.<

This is one for my drawings ❤
Familiar ? I copied it from Pon & Zi .

This is an old drawing of my babe wanxin ❤
seems like I haven't post it out so today I have post it out to let u all see .
pretty girl rite ? ;D but the drawing ok ok only . 

So emo and moody these days
Sorry that I don't update often although I have many things to update XD 
Hmmm . Anyways , I will find time to update my old stuff :3  


  1. love your jacket! ;)

    colourful leopard right???

  2. thanks ^^ but is not jacket . Is just a long sleeve shirt :)
    Yupp it's colourful leopard :D


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