Thursday, 13 January 2011

記得 ❤

459 days with him today . 
I miss him everyday . Day to night . Night to day . HAHA . I seems so naive (天真)
 My friend says I am very 天真 .__. aiks .
This song made me cry . I don't know why . It just did .
記 得 .

words from my biee when he posted this video out on facebook :

remember  remember this song forever  remember you forever 
记 得  永 远 记 得 这 首 歌  永 远 记 得 你

I translated it to chinese words . ehehee . 
Actually biee's chinese is better then mine cause he studies in chinese school but mine is crap cause I study in english school . I am working hard on my chinese now cause I would want my boyfriend to have a girlfriend who knows chinese as much as him . 

That day was 11.1.11
I wrote a very long essay / message to him . he was speechless . Lol .
but he didn't write back a essay for me as he says he is not an essay person .
but never mind I love him very much ❤ xD

hmm . I miss him again :/ few days he didn't online . I miss him like hell .
The sickness came back . Lol . 


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