Saturday, 29 January 2011


17th - 18th Dec 2010
That day, It fell a lot of snow >O< 
This is the 2nd year that I experienced snow . 
Yes . I am posting old pictures up . Paiseh . Actually I want to update this post a long time but no time . So now I think is a good time ! xD
look how deep it was . 
I took some scenery pictures but I didn't edit them . >< So lazy . Too much to edit . 
The background wasn't edited . It's was out focused using my amazing digital camera . HOHO . You don't need an over priced camera to be a photographer . 
I ❤ U 
I just edited this two pictures . 
Look at this snow B E A R !  XD 
Hmmm . Snowball on rope . LOL . My sister's creation . 
Frozen napkins . Opps . 
Trees ! 
I love the blurry effect ❤ 

This is my sister . 
This is my family 
This is me >.< 
Yes . I look different while wearing spectacles . 

C A M W H O R E ❤ 
I go all shy and I say 
I ❤ U ! XD
Thanks for reading this very very long post dear readers . 

Sunday, 23 January 2011


 camwhore pictures first . Dark circles T_T Sigh . I can't get rid of them cause I am sleeping at 12 almost every single day . My head is starting to ache . Ohhh great . I also don't want to  sleep so late but I just can't get to sleep .

This is Charlie . He is a ginger but not in this picture . LOL . I had to draw him in my art class . He was always moving around so it's quite difficult to draw him but at the end success ! I got the 15 minutes for fame in class after finishing this art work . LOL . 
Someone said it's more handsome then the real Charlie . Ahh :'D That made me laugh for a moment . 
He says he look like a little boy here but I think it's a mature boy . Muahaha :D

This is my self portrait . I drew it in my art class . It's not that good but I will try again next time .
the face look so chubby >.<

This is one for my drawings ❤
Familiar ? I copied it from Pon & Zi .

This is an old drawing of my babe wanxin ❤
seems like I haven't post it out so today I have post it out to let u all see .
pretty girl rite ? ;D but the drawing ok ok only . 

So emo and moody these days
Sorry that I don't update often although I have many things to update XD 
Hmmm . Anyways , I will find time to update my old stuff :3  

Thursday, 13 January 2011

記得 ❤

459 days with him today . 
I miss him everyday . Day to night . Night to day . HAHA . I seems so naive (天真)
 My friend says I am very 天真 .__. aiks .
This song made me cry . I don't know why . It just did .
記 得 .

words from my biee when he posted this video out on facebook :

remember  remember this song forever  remember you forever 
记 得  永 远 记 得 这 首 歌  永 远 记 得 你

I translated it to chinese words . ehehee . 
Actually biee's chinese is better then mine cause he studies in chinese school but mine is crap cause I study in english school . I am working hard on my chinese now cause I would want my boyfriend to have a girlfriend who knows chinese as much as him . 

That day was 11.1.11
I wrote a very long essay / message to him . he was speechless . Lol .
but he didn't write back a essay for me as he says he is not an essay person .
but never mind I love him very much ❤ xD

hmm . I miss him again :/ few days he didn't online . I miss him like hell .
The sickness came back . Lol . 

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day out in Ipswich

4 . 1 . 2011 
my last day for the holidays . 
Woke up late . HAHA . I slept late . About 12 midnight I only could fall asleep . Sigh .
Ate breakfast . The so called " CHEE CHEONG FUN " 
It's not my favourite but I still eat it before mum nags . Lol .  
Snapshots in the car . 
I can't be ask to edit it laaa so forgive me okay ? hehe . 
I makeup-ed that day but it doesn't look like I did .
at makeup :(

Anyway , I sat in the car for a few hours then reached I P S W I C H ! 
Bought mini donuts to eat . MONOMNOMNOM . Lol . 
Then walked to the bank with my dad and mum and sisters . We saw a guy who looks just like Keith Goh . >< He looks just like him ! Btw , Keith is my friend ( obviously )  
Went to paperchase . A good shop for stationary . 
I realised I forgot to bring my purse == I couldn't buy much stuff . 
Then I saw this awesomeeeee journal / diary ❤ It looks so pretty ! I couldn't resist on not buying it . So I asked my sister if I could borrow her money to buy it but then my dad said he would pay for it . HAHA . So my dad paid for it . 
£7.50 for this . Quite expensive but it's worth it .  

Walked around the area with shops . Lol . In and out from the shops .

Then walked to P R I M A R K 
Tried on some clothes and bought some clothes with my sisters and mum . 
3 pyjamas shirt and a black long selves shirt
two warm pair of socks . stripy and pink . and a pair of black skinny jeans . 

Went to MCD for lunch . HAHA . 
Fulled ! 
Then my dad decided to go to M A K R O . Reached M A K R O .
Went all crazy there cos the supermarket was hugeeeeeeeee ! 
Actually it was just my brain . 
I bought a book ! It's about zodiac . Quite true >< It is quite interesting too ! 
I couldn't stop reading a book in makro but I didn't buy it cause it's too big while I don't really like to read anyway . I spen most of my time blogging and facebook-ing . Lol . 
My sister took a picture of me . This is to prove I am ugly with makeup on or maybe it's to prove I am ugly :D 
cute or not ? I mean the doggie . HAHA . 
After shopping which means for me , putting stuff in to the trolley mindlessly , waiting my parents to pay for it . ROLF .
We went back home and have our dinner . Nice day actually . I enjoyed it although I couldn't online for almost the whole day . I just used my phone . HEEE . I am addicted to facebook . I can't help it ._. 

Monday, 3 January 2011

New year

although it's over already :P 
hmm . I did nothing during new year o_o Online . I went to work . Came back . Eat . Shower . Watch tv . Wait for countdown . Countdown . Sleep . HAHA . For 3 years I count down with the tv . == My tv is my best friend . Lol . Every year sure count down with the tv . 

Seems like a year past so fast ! My life ? Changed ! From a shy little girl in school, I became quite talkative . HAHA . I can't believe it myself . Well . Maybe I can . 

My new year resolutions 
  1. Less online ! ( The most important resolution )  
  2. Study more . 
  3. Talk less work more ! 
  4. Be more confident ! 
  5. Blog more ( just for you readers ) 
  6. Use less emotions while I blog . 
Well it's not much of my resolutions . Lol .

Let's take a quick brief on what happened on 2010 ! Although I don't really want to recall but it's fun . At least I have something to blog about .
2010 ! YAY ! I learned how to create better blog layouts . I know more codings . And I meet more friends . I have reached 100 followers which I didn't know it would be archived but it had ;D I posted 177 blog post which is more then 2009 which I first started . YAY!

In school I took my four subjects . ICT , Art , Graphic and Geography . Although I won't use much geography well , I just took that subject for fun ? Lol . I am no longer the newbie in school ! To be honest , I hate being newbie . Studies are fine but the main problem is FITTING IN with others .

My relationship . Sigh . So complicated . Well I can't control my feelings ? xD There were several GUYS who ask me out although I have a boyfriend . Well I rejected him :/ I broke up with my boy for about a month then we went back together . Sweeter then ever now . HAHA ! He treat me good and sincerely I treat him back the same way . I love him much ❤

I meet my godbrother ! He is funny . He is always there when I need him . Well , we are always there for each other . But then , a few days ago before new year I started an argument with him . Well , it was all cause of a small lie . I had my wrong he had his . We said sorry to each other and yeah everything became back to normal :)

Okay these are the main high points . I actually can type all day long if I want to talk about my life in 2010 . Anyways , hope 2011 is a better year !

* Back to life at the moment
HAHA . Realise I have been typing in different way ? I think it's a new way to type for 2011 XD Hmm . Life is normal . I hate it , it hates me . My phone's internet is like shit = = I can't go on it much . The wifi at home is awwwwwwwwful ! So I just have to online on my laptop rather on my phone now .

My love to him is getting stronger these few days now . I think it's cause we always chat with each other when we can now . I love him is all I can say :) HAHA . Well I hope I don't mess up our relationship with him cause I think he is the perfect guy for me ❤

thanks for the christmas gift esther ^^ 

Seems like nothing to blog now . Bye bye (:
Sorry this post is kinda difficult to read due to too much words but if you are really interested I think you would read it no matter what .