Saturday, 29 January 2011


17th - 18th Dec 2010
That day, It fell a lot of snow >O< 
This is the 2nd year that I experienced snow . 
Yes . I am posting old pictures up . Paiseh . Actually I want to update this post a long time but no time . So now I think is a good time ! xD
look how deep it was . 
I took some scenery pictures but I didn't edit them . >< So lazy . Too much to edit . 
The background wasn't edited . It's was out focused using my amazing digital camera . HOHO . You don't need an over priced camera to be a photographer . 
I ❤ U 
I just edited this two pictures . 
Look at this snow B E A R !  XD 
Hmmm . Snowball on rope . LOL . My sister's creation . 
Frozen napkins . Opps . 
Trees ! 
I love the blurry effect ❤ 

This is my sister . 
This is my family 
This is me >.< 
Yes . I look different while wearing spectacles . 

C A M W H O R E ❤ 
I go all shy and I say 
I ❤ U ! XD
Thanks for reading this very very long post dear readers . 

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