Thursday, 30 December 2010

¦ New hair cut ¦

I got a new haircut .
first haircut in england ><~ So expensive . £21
b e f o r e and a f t e r
Seems like I didn't cut much in length . Opps . The hairdresser asked me if I want shorter but I said no -.- kinda regret but never mind . 
but my hair feels more light . More layers! 
Sorry my after picture looks alike " lan yau yeng " >< 
Tied up . 
Actually I want to use this picture to scare my biee . 
He doesn't really like me having short hair but he say to me cutiee arhh ~ 
Paiseh ==ll Let him zha dou~ 
He thinks this hairstyle is cute ><~ 
Actually it's the first time I heard him call me cute . Lol . 
Hmm . I think it's a good thing ? xD

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