Saturday, 4 December 2010

¦ New cameraa ❤ ¦

seems like long time no update . lol . 
I was busy >< too much homework . paiseh :/
Someone says ,  
when you look into her eyes and if you see yourself ,  
that means she love you with her true heart sincerely.  
so can you see yourself in my eyes biee ? ❤

Samsung PL150 ❤
12.4 megapixel .
front screen . 
face detection ;) 
woohoo . loving this camera .
my parents bought this for my christmas present P: 
but I have to pay £50 -.- aiks . money bye bye~ 
 few snap shots I have taken . all me . xD self loving :/
yesssss ! new headphones :)
the new headphones really block many sounds from outside :/ 
my sister bought the new ipod == 
it's the same with the old one but they have front and back camera >.<
heeeees . short update >.< 
bye bye

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