Sunday, 19 December 2010

¦ Cbox & Requests ¦

Firstly want to say big sorry cos I late reply everyone ! >< 
I have new account in facebook . Add me there bah . (: hehes . 
My holidays are here ! I am free so I will update my real real DEAD blog ! hehe . 

Christmas is coming so I will have free time. 
any ideas for cbox backgrounds ? 
any request for blog editing ?
just leave a message below this post ^^
please say what colour you would like for the background 
(you can have a picture or pattern as the background) 
and the border (if you do not want any borders just tell me) 
if you like any pictures you want to put on the cbox background, send it to me on facebook.

Please add my new facebook 'Krystal Belle

please include your email for facebook so I can contact you.

if you want me to add the code to your cbox just give me your cbox's code .
if you want me to edit ur blog you will have to give me ur email and password by facebook inbox .

Any Kim Hyun Joong fans ? xD here is a cute cbox background for you .
click this link to get the code ;)


  1. i donno y cant see the link...
    can u giv me the code plz??

  2. >.< I private jor the blog . You can see it now :) Sorry yah .

  3. hey krystal . i love your blog background and everything . can you please teach me how to make it . heard that you made one for jis shing's blog . heeh . if you don't ming can you teach me . and bout the cbox thing , can you teach me how to make it ? i like the one you posted in your blog . but can i have one taemin's one ? :)

  4. Heyy . Suann . I replied you in fb already ;) erm . if you want taemin's one I can help u make ! :D


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