Sunday, 7 November 2010

¦ Town ¦

6 . 11 . 2010
outing :) 
went out to shop for christmas presents for friends ^^~ 
finally bought everything. hehe. 
my mum asked me to try this on. 
actually I didn't want to edit my picture until like this 
but the collar is like very low so I have to edit like this xD 
I think I too protective gua :p
actually this shirt looks very nice but I don't really like >.<
stripy shirt! my favourite :3 
the waist there makes me look fat -.- so I didn't buy this shirt >.<
HAHAHA . I feel like I just wear it to take pictures jek . lol . 
everytime I go out I just take pictures in the changing room 
and then din buy the clothes also . lol . >< 
I saw these headphones ! I will get them ! :3 
they are like the mix styled headphones but this one don't have star ><
ohh well . better then don't have . 
moreover purple is my favourite colour ! :)
hope they don't sell out >.< 
white or black ?
black or white ?
which looks better ? 

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