Monday, 22 November 2010

¦ Editing ¦

edited :)

original one x) 
first time I use lens to edit the eye >.< 
isit real ? lol . 
I photoshop-ed it and change the colours :P
this is my bro . cosplaying x) HAHA . 
I have been editing a few photos for him .

He always tried to cheer me up when I am sad . 
give me advice when I need them . 
he can be very " cheong hei " but he is just being kind . lol . 
meet him for about 4 months already :) 
actually we studied in the same primary school but I forgot o_o 
until now . I don't remember him x) 
I am forgetful :)
We skype alot . HAHA . 
We became friends then to really close friends then to siblings . x)
We have funny times , wrong times and plenty more times .
I am glad to know him ❤

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