Monday, 22 November 2010

¦ Editing ¦

edited :)

original one x) 
first time I use lens to edit the eye >.< 
isit real ? lol . 
I photoshop-ed it and change the colours :P
this is my bro . cosplaying x) HAHA . 
I have been editing a few photos for him .

He always tried to cheer me up when I am sad . 
give me advice when I need them . 
he can be very " cheong hei " but he is just being kind . lol . 
meet him for about 4 months already :) 
actually we studied in the same primary school but I forgot o_o 
until now . I don't remember him x) 
I am forgetful :)
We skype alot . HAHA . 
We became friends then to really close friends then to siblings . x)
We have funny times , wrong times and plenty more times .
I am glad to know him ❤

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

¦ Link Up ! ¦

Hmmm . I am gonna make small icons for some of my linkies 
Hopefully >.< or maybe not .____. 
erm anyway 
 leave ur link here! if I haven't link you up at my sidebar
so you can see with just a few links .____. 
I changed my template as you all can see :) 
the code messed up -_____________________- 
so my link list was all GONE ! D: 
so yeahh I am linking everyone up again (: 

thank you for your cooperation ❤

Sunday, 7 November 2010

¦ Complete? ¦

My hair T__T so facking ugly . -.-
I am gonna get a haircut soon
thinking back of my memories with him >< 
I thought for awhile .
well I am glad that I say yes on 070909 . if not . I won't be with you .
although at the moment we don't chat much but I still love you .
I love the way you are ;) hehe .

actually many things changed .


I feel you are different . I told you . HAHA . and you actually ask me where you changed . but I cannot tell you cos I actually don't know how to .

actually . should I let go of him ?
I don't seem to get the point of having a long distance relationship
sometimes I feel I am wasting your time or am I just thinking too much ?
I don't know .
I just want a simple and nice life to live in .
I don't want anything complicated although sometimes I like challenges .
actually I should just leave it to the time .
too much stuff are going on these days .
sometimes I feel " 花心 " >< but I am just socializing . I am not flirting .
Boys are so URGH stupid sometimes ==
I think I tend to " bui chor ching " -.-
I don't love them but they think I love them :/
I have boyfriend and all this shitty boys are coming to me and say I love you
I guess love cannot be stopped by anything . lol .
I have no answer to them cos I think they are sure the answer is NO
HAHA . Hope they understand my feelings .
I don't want to one leg two ships =__________________=
I love the only one . my biee ❤

when I SMILE I feel good
when you SMILE I feel much better :D

I have grown up & changed but I am still the same Krystal
and always will be the same Krystal

first time put my feelings to public cos I have nothing to update
hope everyone don't mind me .

Sorry for late replying all comments ><
I was busy . I have school .
All day facebook which makes no time for blogger . HAHA .
Chatting with quite a few guys hope biee don't misunderstand ><
Almost every night skype with my god brother :)
he makes me smile and laugh so much :')  AHHH . gotta love him .

I am waiting for holidays to come now . Christmas ❤ Snow ❤ Holiday ❤
Maybe will change my layout soon :)
[ END ]

¦ Town ¦

6 . 11 . 2010
outing :) 
went out to shop for christmas presents for friends ^^~ 
finally bought everything. hehe. 
my mum asked me to try this on. 
actually I didn't want to edit my picture until like this 
but the collar is like very low so I have to edit like this xD 
I think I too protective gua :p
actually this shirt looks very nice but I don't really like >.<
stripy shirt! my favourite :3 
the waist there makes me look fat -.- so I didn't buy this shirt >.<
HAHAHA . I feel like I just wear it to take pictures jek . lol . 
everytime I go out I just take pictures in the changing room 
and then din buy the clothes also . lol . >< 
I saw these headphones ! I will get them ! :3 
they are like the mix styled headphones but this one don't have star ><
ohh well . better then don't have . 
moreover purple is my favourite colour ! :)
hope they don't sell out >.< 
white or black ?
black or white ?
which looks better ?