Saturday, 9 October 2010

¦ Tired 累 ¦

finally find time to reply all wall post on fb and reply all my blogger's comments >.< ♥
很...............累 >.< 
I fell down the stairs few days ago :/ the next day my neck hurts :/
ohh my god -.- but now nothing jor :) 
I feel like taking a nap for a day.
I am so lazy also -.- lazy go out to shop also. haih~
will less on9 jor cos I have too much activities! >.<
waiting for holidays~ christmas~ new year~ wahaha.
I am going to the hairdresser to cut my hair but I don't know when,
on the holidays maybe I will be going ^^
these days late reply comments cos busy >.< omgiee.

KYAAA~ nice songgg! x)
my laptop geh internet not working yesterday and yesterday
so late reply everyone ><
make jor new blog template ^^~
feel is okayy la :) won't lag my laptop so I think is okay xD
took a snap shot of my book :3
drew this apple few weeks ago just that I din upload jek >.<
so now share with you all ^^
new tutorial for you all ^^~ visit yah~
I don't really know what to write jor >.<
argue abit with biee -.- but now nothing jor ;)
I feel that he is hiding so much from me .___. or and I dor sam ? ><
I was thinking of breaking up . confused . >_________<
argh . let time choose for me bah . slowly slowly don't hurry ! >.<
update for babe ;)
sorry is short update >.<
bye bye lor

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