Tuesday, 26 October 2010


25 . 10 . 2010
weeeee . holiday jor . went to Braintree, Freeport to shop ^^~ 
I look different with eyeliner xD
see dou nike store ❤ :)
went to burger king to have my lunch~  
I saw these in the shop ! D: I want them now T______T 
* criesssssssssss * 
* regretsssssssss * 
actually I want this colour . but then they didn't sell them =___= 
so I didn't buy . but then now I think got blue one also okay laa 
( better then don't have )
shit =____= now both also don't have 
=______________= YERRRR ! 
when I go to that shop I see the man there I feel like not buying lor =___=
his face is like sooooooooooo black =-=
ishhhh >-< so regret now D: nvm =________= 
I'll call my dad to get them from internet when my current headphones break :D
mix style headphones ❤ I love you ! xD
sot liao arhh me =__=
I hope they don't sold out :/ * cross fingers * 
hope when I go to Braintree next time they have more stock in -.- 
or I will find them when I go out shopping some where else :3 
I want the black and white star one T_____T
in darkness there is a bright star ❤ HAHA . 
they look so YENG ! D: YIIIII . I want T________T 
but it was a nice day :)
of cos I did facebook when I went shopping >.<
shopping while facebook . lol . HEHE . 
bought Christmas presents for friends jek ❤
Christmas is COMING~❤

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