Monday, 20 September 2010

¦ #55 ¦

firstly sorry for not updating much >.<
I am so busy with my homework these days -.-
I have after school art clubs on thursday and friday
but then on friday I just remember that I can't go == have to cancel it.
less time to update >.<
so sorry to my bloggie now >.<
guiltiness. haha.
visited this blog I think is very pretty ;) which is 小樱のblog :)
there's alot of anime pictures which are very pretty.
these days feel emo cos of some friendships :/
but I do not self-harm I feel like it
but that is past! :D
school is so tired. a lot of homework >.<
I come home everyday complaining to william (my kei gor) that I am tired xD
these days always chat with him
I don't know why .__. he is such a good person which I can talk to
so open leh him xD
hope her precious apple won't get jealous. I am just her sister for goodness sake -.-
if she is in my place I think she would lose a lot of friends.
Just 给面 to my gor I will forget the stuff you did.
let go and just not talk about you. -.-
forgive. everyone will need a chance of forgiveness. I'll forgive you.
as long as she doesn't randomly add my friends and know my friends. I am alright -.-
get your own friends. god -.-
do not make me seriously piss off.
I will seriously swear at her and please don't cry that time. but I am sure she won't since she swears at other people too ;)
sorry for typing in my kampung english.
I didn't blog for too long. swt -.-"
 everyday I come home. I would go on facebook, skype and reply comments
and then rush my homework :/ sigh.
so many things happen these days >.<
but then I don't know where to start xD
all also I think my relationship problem laa :/
mostly is friendship, my love life tak ada problem. haha.
always sweet with my biee ❤ hahaha.
thinking of him make me smile and it makes me remember of his sweet warm smile ❤
so long I didn't hear his voice >.<
I will find a day to call him :) hehe.
cried while watching this video :'(
so touching. I watched it for two times, two times I also cry T.T

and I loveee this two song ❤


one is nice to hear cos it's lively but one is sad but nice to hear too! :)
end update here xD
so long I didn't update so much jor. hahaha.
will maybe put up some tutorials in my other blog
if I have time to do them ;)

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