Thursday, 2 September 2010

¦ #54 ¦

more pictures for next update ;) 
thanks all friends who cheer me ❤
now okayy ady. domi & me good friends liao :)
these days busy cos yesterday went shopping
later will update on it ;)
school start jor. less online >.<
 my lessons sucks - - because I have crap teachers
hope I have nice classmates :|
I don't know yet.
so unlucky wey ==
my mum said I have to eat & shower jor sin can online.
kononnya. get scolded cos I belum shower go online =-=
will less chat with domi but facebook saves the day!
hahaha! online on facebook using my phone :3

bieeeee ❤
wahaha. sweet with him everyday.
i love you ^^❤
feel hang fuk lor :)
I have biee
I have isteriku ❤
I have gfku
I have domi, bffku ;)
I have friends & etc :)

but then school == I hate school! -.-
will update again soon yah! :D
to be continued.. 

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