Sunday, 1 August 2010

¦ RAWR ❤ ¦

opened my new resource site! :) 
>> FOLLOW <<
follow that bloggie if you want to follow my blog tutorials :3 
all my new & old tutorials will be posted there (:
found some photos. edit them (:
that was my last technology project. didn't get to finish it also -.-
got feel ? hahahahha. pasti no lor. 
I like cats :3 but not copy cats. ahahaha. 
I QUIT my facebook adyyy. (:
but I didn't delete it laa I just need to forget some stuff - -
will sign in when I feel like it.
my feelings are all messed up. - - 
at least there is someone who cares for me.
at least there is someone who will cheer me up with his lame lines.
I am getting quite alot of fb brother request these days. hahaha. 
I feel loved (:
well all I can say is ihatehim.
I have nothing else I can say.
I know I am sot plak - -
leave me or stay with me forever. 
I do not want to reply him anymore. I do not want to see him anymore.
but he wouldn't know why.
its a simple answer, its cos of 
feeling : moody again - -

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