Thursday, 5 August 2010

¦ I guess ¦

I guess :S
I am just a touble to him
I guess I am just the person who makes him different from others
I guess I am just confused.
feelings messed up basicly.
thinking the wrong way,
thinking too far.
we are different ?
lol. anyway,
I love this song 路过的新娘 by Rynn 林宇中
no mv at the moment :/ 
but I love what he said at the end 
如果我们不能在一起,至少我想让你知道,你是我心中永远的新娘 ♥ 
something like that. lol. 
the song I also love! but mostly I love him. hahahaha. fat hau - -
I guess a happy and moody day.
edit photo ;)
original >>> edited
green colour to normal natural colour. hahaha. 
nothing changed just colour (:
chat with carson, he said :
" face blue 
  thick brows 
  chubby cheek 
 cute lo weyyy!!! "
( saying me ) hahhaha.
but this sentence : 
" guys dig cute gurls "
make me geli but hahaha happy :) 

chat with kean mun (: 
long time no chat with him feel like no so close to him jor :s 
the feeling talking to him not the same as last time. 
last time we were happy and shared everything :)
now :s weird feeling lot. I don't know how to explain :s 
I want a DSLR to play with.
who can buy for me ? lol. 

edit this picture :D 
click on it, you will be surprise ;) not really hahaha but do click on it.

read this article.
love is nothing without trust 
" without trust, love means nothing 
love will grow in a couple only with trust "
agree with her ♥

going to do some drawings :3 tomorrow
scan them and then upload :)
maybe editing photos tomorrow (: 

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