Wednesday, 18 August 2010

¦ Babysitting ¦

babysitting day :) 
cut apples :3 and do abit chores~ not much to do.
sat on the swinggg :) weyyyy :) 
those pictures bring back my childhood times with my sisters & cousins :)
sigh. time pass so fast ehh. ;)
btw : I cannot play basket ball >.< I'm scared of the ball. I scared it hit my specs :/
wat a loser I am. -.-
photoshoot when the kids are asleep :p sis help me took some.
so boring weyyy - - but nvm got £20 anyway. lol.
and ate cold grapes which I found in the fridge & packet of chips but still hungry when I got home T_T so ate some noodles at home before i went to sleep. Fat weyy. xD
at least my sister went with me. - -
talking bout my sister :/ idiot lor she.
her boy gave a gift and ask her friend to send it to her but then now also haven reach. her friend didn't even asked for her address and said sending the gift ady
o.O wth?! ask her to ask her friend she don't want == that was my business but now is none of mine. i don't care. 
she trust her friend more then her sister == what can I do? just leave her to die laa.
weeee. sweet with him everyday ♥ 
more pictures I haven't edit ;) edit it laterr :) wait meee. 
I have pictures haven't edit but I have less time to edit cos my laptop still haven't fix back. so wait for me ♥

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