Monday, 23 August 2010

¦ #53 ¦

my laptop is back ;) woohoo. 
but I cannot help people to make nice nice pages & cbox images
cos I do not have the program installed in my laptop - -
but will try it using photoshop & photoscape ;)

erm. I want to ask you people/bloggers who know chinese if this is right >.<
但是你只会愛一个人在我们的人生理 ❤
if it is wrong please correct me because my chinese is not very good >.<
if it is correct tell me x)

school is reopening in 2 weeks >.<
I hate to go to school weyy. I hate bitches there -.-
I hope my new class is better.
*cross fingers*
promise biee to concentrate on studies
- -
I think is better to start study but I have no books at home to do revision! ==
I don't know what to revise! I don't know where to start! ==

all my photos gone jor T_T
ishhh :/
nevermind - -
I can take more shots next time x)

update until here ;)
byebye ❤

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