Monday, 2 August 2010

¦ #52 ¦

ishhh :/
my mood was good in the morning but now :/ abit moody. 
misunderstand because I am stupid -.-
or isit true ?
I have no idea.
I think alot. but all those thoughts are just imagination. -.-
I don't trust him :s I don't know.
mum not at home until friday :/ 
I'm gonna cook. -.-
no mood these days :/ 
hormones problem ? hahahahahh! xD
I have no idea - -
give up. 
loveless, lifeless, fightless ? hahaha. 
I don't even know it's a word or not. :/ 
going to send him something~ :D 
I am so kind ? xD dun think so :P 
sigh. less blog - -v 
nothing to blog. 
but actually got xD dunno how to start
I hope next year's life will be better :/ 
sorry bout this post I have short sentences and so much emotions 
I cannot TAHAN - - 
I am just so random. 
edit photos bah.
my holidays are so boring - -v
who can chat with me ? who wants to webcam with me ?

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