Monday, 30 August 2010

¦ Sorry ¦

I am very sorry to domi :'( 
sorry I hurt you again and again.
I am sorry for everything I did.
you want me to leave you now ?
it's up to you
just tell me
I know you must hate me a lot now.
sorry I broke your heart
try to cheer
don't always emo
smile more :) 
if you need me I am always here
if you need a shoulder to cry on I am here :)
by that time you tell me I think you will need some tissue 
nahh. *hands a tissue box to domi*
I know I am nothing to you anymore
but once my dii always my dii 
I will love you as always ❤ 
I don't want to loose a good friend/sibling like you :'( 
sorry for everything :'(
i just now I hurt you :'(
r e g r e t :|  


* cried while writing this update* 
gonna cry in bed
I have no idea why I cry kononnya i dunno why he cry i have no diea
my eye hurts - -

Monday, 23 August 2010

¦ #53 ¦

my laptop is back ;) woohoo. 
but I cannot help people to make nice nice pages & cbox images
cos I do not have the program installed in my laptop - -
but will try it using photoshop & photoscape ;)

erm. I want to ask you people/bloggers who know chinese if this is right >.<
但是你只会愛一个人在我们的人生理 ❤
if it is wrong please correct me because my chinese is not very good >.<
if it is correct tell me x)

school is reopening in 2 weeks >.<
I hate to go to school weyy. I hate bitches there -.-
I hope my new class is better.
*cross fingers*
promise biee to concentrate on studies
- -
I think is better to start study but I have no books at home to do revision! ==
I don't know what to revise! I don't know where to start! ==

all my photos gone jor T_T
ishhh :/
nevermind - -
I can take more shots next time x)

update until here ;)
byebye ❤

Sunday, 22 August 2010

¦ Summer Part 3 ¦

should have posted this long time ago but nvm ;)
went to ipswich ((:
camwhore ;) self-loving. hehe. 
I am so short weyy. >.<
with sisters :)
I tried on a vest xD doesn't suit me so din buy :|
bought clothes and stuff :3 ate burger king
I loveeee their french fries x3 hehe. 

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

¦ Babysitting ¦

babysitting day :) 
cut apples :3 and do abit chores~ not much to do.
sat on the swinggg :) weyyyy :) 
those pictures bring back my childhood times with my sisters & cousins :)
sigh. time pass so fast ehh. ;)
btw : I cannot play basket ball >.< I'm scared of the ball. I scared it hit my specs :/
wat a loser I am. -.-
photoshoot when the kids are asleep :p sis help me took some.
so boring weyyy - - but nvm got £20 anyway. lol.
and ate cold grapes which I found in the fridge & packet of chips but still hungry when I got home T_T so ate some noodles at home before i went to sleep. Fat weyy. xD
at least my sister went with me. - -
talking bout my sister :/ idiot lor she.
her boy gave a gift and ask her friend to send it to her but then now also haven reach. her friend didn't even asked for her address and said sending the gift ady
o.O wth?! ask her to ask her friend she don't want == that was my business but now is none of mine. i don't care. 
she trust her friend more then her sister == what can I do? just leave her to die laa.
weeee. sweet with him everyday ♥ 
more pictures I haven't edit ;) edit it laterr :) wait meee. 
I have pictures haven't edit but I have less time to edit cos my laptop still haven't fix back. so wait for me ♥

Thursday, 12 August 2010

¦ Quit ¦

quit for few days :) 
less update
available on facebook & cbox & Msn xD
until I have something to blog - -
facebook now :3 
laptop in hospital again ==
ishhh. watafak! :/ 
less on9 . using phonee now .

Monday, 9 August 2010

¦ Edits ¦

changed my blog theme to pudding! Photobucket
hoho. so cuteee x3
I like them although I haven't ate them before. lol

anyway bored >.<
edits :)
new fringeeeee :)
no cut. no trim. just comb it more to the side.
editttt like an idiot. lol. nothing to do.
just chatting. lol.
one word BORING.
relationships with him ? :/
boring. always argue :s I have no idea why lor.
we just argue everytime we online xD
is normal or not :s
don't care. no air to fight. :p
tired liao.
just got air to tumm him. hahahhaa. :$

Saturday, 7 August 2010

¦ MSN with wanxin ¦

msn with wanxin (:
hoho. she draw this for me xD 
I draw for her too. haha. 
hahaha (:

¦ Art ❤ ¦

Drew Kyuhyun ❤
not like him ):
aiyahh. draw another one again :) hehe. 

Thursday, 5 August 2010

¦ I guess ¦

I guess :S
I am just a touble to him
I guess I am just the person who makes him different from others
I guess I am just confused.
feelings messed up basicly.
thinking the wrong way,
thinking too far.
we are different ?
lol. anyway,
I love this song 路过的新娘 by Rynn 林宇中
no mv at the moment :/ 
but I love what he said at the end 
如果我们不能在一起,至少我想让你知道,你是我心中永远的新娘 ♥ 
something like that. lol. 
the song I also love! but mostly I love him. hahahaha. fat hau - -
I guess a happy and moody day.
edit photo ;)
original >>> edited
green colour to normal natural colour. hahaha. 
nothing changed just colour (:
chat with carson, he said :
" face blue 
  thick brows 
  chubby cheek 
 cute lo weyyy!!! "
( saying me ) hahhaha.
but this sentence : 
" guys dig cute gurls "
make me geli but hahaha happy :) 

chat with kean mun (: 
long time no chat with him feel like no so close to him jor :s 
the feeling talking to him not the same as last time. 
last time we were happy and shared everything :)
now :s weird feeling lot. I don't know how to explain :s 
I want a DSLR to play with.
who can buy for me ? lol. 

edit this picture :D 
click on it, you will be surprise ;) not really hahaha but do click on it.

read this article.
love is nothing without trust 
" without trust, love means nothing 
love will grow in a couple only with trust "
agree with her ♥

going to do some drawings :3 tomorrow
scan them and then upload :)
maybe editing photos tomorrow (: 

Monday, 2 August 2010

¦ #52 ¦

ishhh :/
my mood was good in the morning but now :/ abit moody. 
misunderstand because I am stupid -.-
or isit true ?
I have no idea.
I think alot. but all those thoughts are just imagination. -.-
I don't trust him :s I don't know.
mum not at home until friday :/ 
I'm gonna cook. -.-
no mood these days :/ 
hormones problem ? hahahahahh! xD
I have no idea - -
give up. 
loveless, lifeless, fightless ? hahaha. 
I don't even know it's a word or not. :/ 
going to send him something~ :D 
I am so kind ? xD dun think so :P 
sigh. less blog - -v 
nothing to blog. 
but actually got xD dunno how to start
I hope next year's life will be better :/ 
sorry bout this post I have short sentences and so much emotions 
I cannot TAHAN - - 
I am just so random. 
edit photos bah.
my holidays are so boring - -v
who can chat with me ? who wants to webcam with me ?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

¦ RAWR ❤ ¦

opened my new resource site! :) 
>> FOLLOW <<
follow that bloggie if you want to follow my blog tutorials :3 
all my new & old tutorials will be posted there (:
found some photos. edit them (:
that was my last technology project. didn't get to finish it also -.-
got feel ? hahahahha. pasti no lor. 
I like cats :3 but not copy cats. ahahaha. 
I QUIT my facebook adyyy. (:
but I didn't delete it laa I just need to forget some stuff - -
will sign in when I feel like it.
my feelings are all messed up. - - 
at least there is someone who cares for me.
at least there is someone who will cheer me up with his lame lines.
I am getting quite alot of fb brother request these days. hahaha. 
I feel loved (:
well all I can say is ihatehim.
I have nothing else I can say.
I know I am sot plak - -
leave me or stay with me forever. 
I do not want to reply him anymore. I do not want to see him anymore.
but he wouldn't know why.
its a simple answer, its cos of 
feeling : moody again - -