Wednesday, 14 July 2010

¦ Summer Part 2 ¦

Summer ! 6 days of school left. 
Bought a checked shirt a few weeks ago but only wear it now. HAHAHA. 
I was saving it for discovery days :/ 
Gone out to shop in M&Co. again
My usual bag (: 
Finally bought a pair of jeggings
And then went to New Look then bought a purse!
Finally found a nice purse.
Need quit facebook for the summer holidays - -v 
I have bad memories that I cannot forget :/
Playing wretch now. LOL
I have nothing better to do.
Later would play Hi-5 although I don't know how to. LOL. 
Next year I have LOADS and LOADS of paper, computer work to do.
Less online (I hope) HAHAHHA
*laughs like sor poh* 
That's all my update (: 

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