Wednesday, 28 July 2010

┇Summer holiday-Trip 1┇

with sister :)
lol. xD 0.0v
with sisters :)
went to the turn ball machine again :3
turned a cute hello kitty cream puff.
cuteee and mini :3
yan yan biscuit sticks have WORDs on it. wahaha. 
they can't even spell biggest -.- lol xD
uploaded this to facebook (:
Squirrel your best friend :3 and you are mine :3
went to Halstead then saw a little farm. then, daddy drive in xD
and then took some pictures :) 
pink flower. got feel ? 
random shot (:
flowers and leaves :) 
this one my sister took it. lol ;)
YAY. I cannot pose -.-
fun day (: 

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