Thursday, 29 July 2010

¦ Newbiee ¦

ilovehim ♥
i miss him but I i hate him :/ confused.
no time edit new photo x)

yay! opening a resource site. 
at the moment it's under construction @@ 
it will open sooner or later. lol. 
I think I would be able to get tutorials posted.
I don't want it to open without anything >.<
opening next week I think :/ 
well I can do classic blog layout but I do not MAKE them
I just change them. lol
colours, text and stuff :p
classic blogs are much easier and faster to understand.
(I think its called xml) xml ones (which is the one I am using) are much complex. lol.
craps. LOL.
helped yen to edit her bloggie :3
pretty girl ♥

he is so LENGZAI x3
he is my cousin brother. my aunty and uncle are photographers
Ohh. so great to have parents who are photographers >.< *envy*
I feed him before when he was younger -.- I had to
help my granma. HAHAHA.
I am lame. =-=
nice memories before I came to england (: sigh.
things changed so much :')
I still miss my friends in malaysia. I haven't forgotten them x)

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