Thursday, 22 July 2010

★●. Last day of year 9 .●★

last day of year 9
crap lor have to wear uniform == 

I will miss my friends :')
Walked back with Ryan. He knows he is embarrassing. woohoo -.-
But it was funny. LOL. He likes politics :/ I have no interest with them.
It was a short walk anyway I don't really mind.

Anyway. LOL. Quite funny day today.
MSN conversation with Milolim♥, Alfred, Nigel, Jeff, Nicholas (I think that's all of us) was funny! xD OMG. I don't really know what they were talking about sometimes - - cos underageatm - -v

Meet new FRIEND
CARCAR ♥ carson :3 
niceee guy ((:
single guy. available lo diaa ;) wahaha. 

The holiday starts now! 
blogging about discovery days tomorrow :3 
Today no time >.< 

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