Sunday, 25 July 2010


Few photos I edited (: ohhlala.
Me with curly hair. 

Boring holiday so I drew this for milolim ♥ isteriku~ 
and this for alfred :3 
his hair too long xD opps :$
I cannot draw boy nicee nicee :/ 
I thought I am going out but it was sunday and not monday so I didn't go
= = I thought today is monday! ishh :/ 

today scared dou shake because of a video bryan show me -.-
I on the volume so loud because at first the sound was soft but then ishh ==
I don't want to say jor :/
he say I can call him midnight if I cannot sleep today! hahaha! xD
so baik hati lor him! :)

it doesn't feel like we are together :/ i wonder why. sigh.
as long he is with me I am fine (: I feel happy already.
long distance relationship is difficult but it is worth it ♥ 

I want to help a girl to decorate her blog but scared she say I busy body :x
since we * 3 em sek 7 * :s 
I just want to help people who don't know how to decorate their blog 
to know how to decorate their blog (:
Every girl wants their blog to be pretty ♥
I was also a girl who wants a pretty blog. hahaha. 
but that was a year ago.

tomorrow going out (:

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