How to add image in front of post title


Design -> Edit html
Find this code below (ctrl+f)
It should look something like this
Add the code below to the code above:-

Change the DIRECT LINK with the link of the image you want.
Change the padding to align to suit the image you want.
PREVIEW until the image is align beside the title
lastly "SAVE"

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18 ℓovɛ

  1. add directly or wan to detele someting word?
    can give an example?

  2. you can delete last time geh code and then add new geh. or add the codes that first code don't have.
    like [ text-transform:uppercase; ] this code no need add also can.
    is up to you want you want in ur blog (:
    my blog geh code is

    .post h3 {
    background-image: url(DIRECT LINK);
    border: 0px double #FFFFFF;
    margin-bottom: 6px;
    padding: 10px 3px 15px 75px;
    line-height: 2.0em;

    preview to see how you like ur title looks like oni save. (:

  3. can u go to c my blog..
    how to make the word more chose??

  4. change the padding to :-

    padding: 10px 3px 15px 40px;

  5. hey krystal><
    can help me about this?
    the code .post h3 { i don't have : (
    can you help me?
    if my blog dont hav this code than how??
    help T.T

  6. try finding this code a {
    it should work :)

  7. can i some how put it at the right instead left? o.o

  8. yes you can . Add this code .
    background-position:right center;
    btw , if you want to bring the title and the image closer together change the "px" in the "padding" of the last one :)

  9. w0w O.O
    thx <3 =D
    love urs tutorial <3

  10. ur welcome . xD
    thank you very much! ><

  11. cannot >< have to choose one only.

  12. hy Krystal, love ur blog :)
    can u teach me how to customize my blog's template so can be look cute like urs ? ^^
    thanks b4 ♥


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