Friday, 30 July 2010

How to add back to the top (CCS)

the errors & differences :
the image or text would align in the middle only and only could be found when you scroll until the bottom of the page.

dashboard -> template -> edit html

copy this code below and the paste it below <head> *it can be found at the top of the codes*
<p><a name="formtop1"></p>
copy this code.
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b><img src="direct link" ></b></a></p>
paste it before this code below. *it can be found at the end of the codes*

<b> ...... </b> is the font style if you want normal font style you do not need to add this code.
<img src="direct link" > this is what you want your picture/ text to be.

it should look like this :-

with image :
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b><img src="" ></b></a></p>

with text :
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b>Click here to return to the top of this page</b></a></p>

this code:
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b><img src="direct link" ></b></a></p>
can be added anywhere you like ^^ example : in the end of the posts (:

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