Sunday, 4 July 2010

*~Customize pages~*

Learn how to change the text pages

to a picture one ^^

Firstly create pages
Posting ► Edit pages ► New page 
create the pages you want and publish ^^

Then go to Design ► Page Elements
add gadget
insert the code below.
URLOFPAGE is the link of the pages
URLOFPICTURE is the picture you want to link it to the pages
Picture can be edited by your own and uploaded to photobucket or anywhere as long as you get the link of it.

You can ADD
<center> CODE </center> 
<left> CODE </left>
<right> CODE </right>
to make it on the center or left or right of the page

then click "SAVE"

REMOVE the pages tool if you have it in ur Page elements


  1. 怎样把我三个gadget弄成一行?

  2. put all the code in the same gadget box.

  3. i just wanted to asked u, how do u insert the sweet there... hahahahaa post are helpful thanx alot ya..

  4. I insert it using meitu xiu xiu photoeditor :)
    thankyouu. ur welcomee ^^

  5. y mine gea blogger not same with urs d ?

  6. cos you are using another type of template :)
    I am using the new one you are using classic gehh.

  7. hi, i'm using the classic one.. so there's no solution?! and...

    KRYSTAℓ said...
    I insert it using meitu xiu xiu photoeditor :)
    thankyouu. ur welcomee ^^

    can i know how do you insert it? plz teach me if u dont mind :) arigato!

  8. Hey . There is . You just have to know what code to add to your blog to get the pages . You can get the codes from

    Erm . It's like editing pictures >.< It's kinda difficult to explain it :S It's like putting text or smily faces into pictures .
    Hope this helps ! ><

  9. my template HTML is from too.

    Well, I have meitu xiu xiu photoeditor.
    Can I insert them using the link of the picture?

  10. Yeahh . but you have to find the blogskins which contains pages . not all blogskin have pages .
    Erm . I don't think you can . You have to get the html code for it because the format of it is different >.< I hope u understand this ><

  11. Oh, okay. I guess I'll try to get the html code :) Thanks anyways!


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