Saturday, 17 July 2010

★●. Arger Fen 16/07/10 .●★

Curled my hair on Wednesday (: 

Friday was Arger Fen trip
On the way I took this picture in the coach.

Reach there we have to go round the woods and find some trees :0
We got lost a few times and then we got used to it so we knew where we went but we didn't know how to read the map given. HAHAHA. 
Few shots I took during our wonder around the woods.
These plants looks funny :O 
Almost like translucent/transparent
Had lunch there (: 
Then got back to school.
Almost everyone didn't want to go to the last period .__.
But they had to. LOL
Made a poster (: Quite nice. Boring lesson to end the day.
Next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is DISCOVERY DAYS (:

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