Saturday, 24 July 2010

¦ #51 ¦

Feel like a random post. 
I feel like my blog is getting rubbisher :/ 
I don't know if we can stay long enough anot. sigh.
I hope we can. I am moody because of something these days --v
I am so pissed :X opps.
less online but I will be giving more tutorials as I am on my holidays
but some days I am not online cos I am out shopping for the whole day. lol.
I tired. I cannot fight with you. I have no effort to make you smile but I will try.
I am so useless :/ 
Well I have mood to edit photos :3 
this is such a fail update -.-
well I meet quite a lot of new friends this few weeks. hoho.
I like meeting new friends :) well friendly ones. heeeees :) 
waiting for a text ♥ not really :p
I hate my phone sometimes -.- 
I want to die. I will be gone for a while. Not really :p Don't worry. 
Just me crapping -.- 
When you need me while you don't want me I will be here,
When you want me while no longer need me I will go.
niceee quote (:
When I let go of everything he came back to me ==
I hate him sometimes. but I still I love him.
I hate the feeling of waiting for him.
I hate the feeling of missing him :/ 
I have no idea why I didn't say no yet I complain a lot. lol.
I hate myself sometimes. :p  

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