Friday, 2 July 2010

¦ #48 ¦

My laptop under construction. 
currently using my 'share' laptop. HAIH~
Anyway I wanna tell 牛奶 to see my blog tutorial for the photo border ;)
I didn't log in my blogger so late reply lo.

Guess who I found 
Alfred Ang and Adrien Brody
They look so alike. Well a bit laa. Agree anot ? 
Adrien is an american actor. (: 
They look so alike XD ahhh. can't believe my eyes. 
He acts in the 'The Pianist' Niceee movie lor must see! It's about the Jewish people
I have to see the movie for my history lesson
But then my teacher didn't let us see the last 15 minutes ==
Didn't see the ending -.- but it was NICE! 
It's my friend's (ellie) birthday on Sunday so my friend (helen) bought a present for her. She bought her two bag of GRAPES because ellie likes grapes XDD LOL.
Kinda good present I have to be honest XD
Well I didn't bought anything for ellie cos I didn't knew until today ==
Nothing interesting lorr (: 
My laptop sedang in the hospital T____T
homework I have to do. T_____T
made a new best friend lorr MILOLIM (: ♥

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