Saturday, 31 July 2010

How to change font in (pimp-my-profile template)

example of template if you haven't seen them (: 
it can be found here ->
find this code 
   before it there will be alot of code which look like this :- 

  type="font" default="normal normal 100% Trebuchet MS" value="normal normal 100% Trebuchet MS">
             default="normal normal 78% Trebuchet MS" value="normal normal 78% Trebuchet MS">
             default="normal normal 200% Trebuchet MS" value="normal normal 200% Trebuchet MS">
             default="normal normal 78% Trebuchet MS" value="normal normal 78% Trebuchet MS">
             default="normal normal 78% Trebuchet MS" value="normal normal 78% Trebuchet MS">

Replace all the RED text with the new font you want
preview and then save ^^
example of it is here :- 
credit or thanks me if you want to post it out in ur blog.
copyrighted krystal.

Friday, 30 July 2010

How to add back to the top (CCS)

the errors & differences :
the image or text would align in the middle only and only could be found when you scroll until the bottom of the page.

dashboard -> template -> edit html

copy this code below and the paste it below <head> *it can be found at the top of the codes*
<p><a name="formtop1"></p>
copy this code.
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b><img src="direct link" ></b></a></p>
paste it before this code below. *it can be found at the end of the codes*

<b> ...... </b> is the font style if you want normal font style you do not need to add this code.
<img src="direct link" > this is what you want your picture/ text to be.

it should look like this :-

with image :
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b><img src="" ></b></a></p>

with text :
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b>Click here to return to the top of this page</b></a></p>

this code:
<p><a href="#formtop1"><b><img src="direct link" ></b></a></p>
can be added anywhere you like ^^ example : in the end of the posts (:

Thursday, 29 July 2010

¦ Newbiee ¦

ilovehim ♥
i miss him but I i hate him :/ confused.
no time edit new photo x)

yay! opening a resource site. 
at the moment it's under construction @@ 
it will open sooner or later. lol. 
I think I would be able to get tutorials posted.
I don't want it to open without anything >.<
opening next week I think :/ 
well I can do classic blog layout but I do not MAKE them
I just change them. lol
colours, text and stuff :p
classic blogs are much easier and faster to understand.
(I think its called xml) xml ones (which is the one I am using) are much complex. lol.
craps. LOL.
helped yen to edit her bloggie :3
pretty girl ♥

he is so LENGZAI x3
he is my cousin brother. my aunty and uncle are photographers
Ohh. so great to have parents who are photographers >.< *envy*
I feed him before when he was younger -.- I had to
help my granma. HAHAHA.
I am lame. =-=
nice memories before I came to england (: sigh.
things changed so much :')
I still miss my friends in malaysia. I haven't forgotten them x)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

How to change page title text style

example :-
from this,
to this. 
first go to
dashboard -> design -> edit html
find this code (ctrl+f) :-

then, copy and paste this code before the code above
.PageList li a {
 font-family:Comic Sans MS;
font-family:Comic Sans MS is the style of the font you want.
font-size:100%; is the font size
font-weight:normal; is the font weight, you can have normal, bold, italic & etc.
● change them as how you want.

preview and then save ^^

║ 18th Birthday of 大姐 ║

大姐's birthday (:
mcDonalds for dinner and bought two piggy cake ^^
me with sister ♥ I look ugly - -
family photo.
hoho ^^ the two pigg so cutee x3

┇Summer holiday-Trip 1┇

with sister :)
lol. xD 0.0v
with sisters :)
went to the turn ball machine again :3
turned a cute hello kitty cream puff.
cuteee and mini :3
yan yan biscuit sticks have WORDs on it. wahaha. 
they can't even spell biggest -.- lol xD
uploaded this to facebook (:
Squirrel your best friend :3 and you are mine :3
went to Halstead then saw a little farm. then, daddy drive in xD
and then took some pictures :) 
pink flower. got feel ? 
random shot (:
flowers and leaves :) 
this one my sister took it. lol ;)
YAY. I cannot pose -.-
fun day (: 

Sunday, 25 July 2010

How to change blogger background

dashboard -> design -> edit html 

1. find (ctrl+f) this code: body { 

2. copy and paste this code background-image: url(image url); after body { 

it should look something like this :- 
preview and then save ^^ 


Few photos I edited (: ohhlala.
Me with curly hair. 

Boring holiday so I drew this for milolim ♥ isteriku~ 
and this for alfred :3 
his hair too long xD opps :$
I cannot draw boy nicee nicee :/ 
I thought I am going out but it was sunday and not monday so I didn't go
= = I thought today is monday! ishh :/ 

today scared dou shake because of a video bryan show me -.-
I on the volume so loud because at first the sound was soft but then ishh ==
I don't want to say jor :/
he say I can call him midnight if I cannot sleep today! hahaha! xD
so baik hati lor him! :)

it doesn't feel like we are together :/ i wonder why. sigh.
as long he is with me I am fine (: I feel happy already.
long distance relationship is difficult but it is worth it ♥ 

I want to help a girl to decorate her blog but scared she say I busy body :x
since we * 3 em sek 7 * :s 
I just want to help people who don't know how to decorate their blog 
to know how to decorate their blog (:
Every girl wants their blog to be pretty ♥
I was also a girl who wants a pretty blog. hahaha. 
but that was a year ago.

tomorrow going out (: