Thursday, 24 June 2010

★●. Sports day .●★

Back blogging ❤
for like 3 days. LOL
SPORTS day today
I just did relay. I like relays. LOL.
I am not very active so not much to blog about. LOL.
tug of-war was nice to watch although our class didn't win.
3 weeks of study to go! 1 week for discovery days.
My most crazy photos x) 
memorable day to me ❤
Weelyn don't argue with John anymore laa. Althought I dunno what reason :S 
I have given up jor. Don't need to worry me ^-^
Thanks to MILOLIM! 
She have accompany me when I am down and help me sort out this and that things.
She have given me advice ^-^ IFINALLYGAVEUP
No love just friends :) 
but come to think of it I dunno how to be friends with him :S
Feel so WEIRD. lols. 
HELPED milolim to make her blog. woohoo.

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