Monday, 28 June 2010

¦ SICK ¦

Thankyou MILOLIMKU ♥ for the post lorr. :) so touching leh! :D
I always do things without complaining for best friends xD thats me lorr :) 
My laptop is sick :(
(that explains why I didn't edit the picture)
Idiot human give me virus lorr. :( 
I can't get in to my documents. 
YORRR. :( Sad dou boom za!
Will less blog :'( until my laptop recovers maybe I will try tomorrow. 
I have some photos but all my blog codes are all gone :'( well not all laa. cos I have some codes from last time. 
I have to find them from scratch again. 
Sum tong dou :'((
Hope tomorrow I can on it back >.< 
Hope tomorrow have no trouble. 
My usb full jorr how to put my photos :( 
effing hell. -- I hate this. So no new photos :'( 
Well at least I can get to my photos. 
I have tutorials to teach still :( 
Feel regret that I open the stupid picture :( I am so stupid :( 

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