Thursday, 3 June 2010

┇Half term Holiday-Part 2┇

So I have been to IPSWICH! CAMWHORE in the car (: 
I had to sit in the car for 1 hour! So BORING! More photos but lazy upload. heehee. 
With hood. Without hood.
Bought 3 no sleeve tops and a checked shirt well I didn't buy it my mum did. HAHA. 
While I was in the changing room I was something funny on the mirror reflection. LOL. So I took a photo of it. teehee.
Ohhh yeahh I saw a BIG mirror. It has a fishy style mirror. LOL.
ATE MCDONALDS for lunch! ICECREAM too! ♥
Ohh I saw those nerdy glasses and I tried them on! WOOHOO. So funny. Looks actual like a NERD. HAHA. I tried on some shades too but I didn't buy any. HAHA.
Bought this dangler for £1. URGH! got libra one. -_____- I wanted ARIES! >-< I want to sell this. NOT USED dangler. 
Had HEADACHE in the car :/ Anyway it was a GOOD day.

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