Thursday, 3 June 2010


So it's half-term holiday. I went to wing yip shopping center. LOL.
So I had to sit in the car for 2 hours! WTH! -____- I want to vomit also cause I sit too long in the car. I have headache also >___< Photos. There are more but lazy upload.
Superman kinda logo on my shirt~ LOL. 
So firstly we went to eat dim sum first as always then we saw this guy.
We call his hairstyle HEDGEHOG hair style. LOL.
Then I saw a tomboy >/////< First asian tomboy I saw in england. LOL.
Blur photos cos she was far away from our table >-<
Clearest among the four photos. LOL. 
Then after breakfast we went shopping! Then my sister snap this - -
A part of the shopping mall. LOL. 
Me and my sister and my dad at the back. teehee.
random one.
I wore my sister's specs ;) I LOVE her specs. LOL.
I bought 2 danglers. HELLO KITTY ♥

PIECES ♥ My boy's horoscope ♥
CANCER. I won't use this one. I want to give people also but don't know who to give >.< 
Lastly ate CURRY rice for dinner. HEART shape curry on cracker ♥ LOL. 

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