Sunday, 27 June 2010

¦ #47 ¦

I used 3 editor to edit this picture .___. 

Banner inspired by FLO 
Layout edited myself.

right riko ❤ her current banner

left riko ❤
I made the left first but then looks not so nice so I made another one and ended up with two banner >.< 
I love milolim's banner cos of the text. it glows! and the text matches with Super Riko and the picture not to forget that.
Some new pictures to share ^^
I just woke up and I kinda like the hair *selfloving* so I took some photos :P

Ohh one thing. Is my blog lag ?
This new layout it kinda crap. I have to make another one next time then or maybe not.
I still don't know what to cook on thursday :( cookies or cheese cake

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