Sunday, 20 June 2010

¦ #46 ¦

NOTE. This is a RANDOM post :P
My random craps.
ME. tomboy style. (:
Look like a girl only. -.-
Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday I think.
We had to eat dumplings but then we didn't cos we haven't got any.
Moreover it takes a long time to get to china town to get some. :|
These TAM TAM and MI-MI makes me remember of my childhood (:
I have it every class party. I actually want some now ><
I would quit facebook for a while - - 
I have unpleasant memories there.
I SERIOUSLY do have unpleasant memories. 
I am going to change EVERYTHING. Do not ask me why I think you wouldn't want to know. TRUST me. 
I will be leaving some tutorials these days. YAY! I am lazy you know. 
It's so difficult to explain it out in short and fast term. LOL. 
I have changed my sign! for my blog.
I rushed for my ICT homework, I thought it was due on Monday but it was next Monday -.- 
I am getting forgetful these days. 
LOL I just realise every sentence starts with I. LOL. 
This is a quite random post but oh well better then nothing (:
I know it's quite a crap ending and to be honest I always don't know how to end my post. LOL.

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