Wednesday, 16 June 2010

¦ #45 ¦

New KIT KAT! :) 
I am LOVING it.
Long time I didn't update cos I was busy with some stuff like my cbox background.
And helping people with stuff ;) 
Well another reason is that I am quite lazy >.< ( have to be honest )
Anyway I found this website
You can download fonts you like, install and use it in your computer or laptop ^^
New icons for my bloggie cbox x3 
I downloaded so much stuff x3 normally icons and text only. hahaha. 
My cousin kieran is online ^^ chat with him for a while. hahahaha.
cooking fish cakes x3 hope they cook well tomorrow >.< I am bad at cooking.
webcam with bryan ^^ 
Bryan's kacak smile x)) 
BORING at the end. LOL
I think Bryan will kill me when he see this :o ( I am scared ) 
OMG her sister is so cutee x3 She's call Chloe.. I think x) 
He has so many brothers and sisters I wonder how he can cope with it. 
Lessons in school are so called BORING. I almost finish my art stuff (:
A random update

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