Sunday, 6 June 2010

¦ #44 ¦

KYUHYUN! He has so nice voice. Makes my heart melts every time I hear his voice x)

Drew some things on MSN x))
This one. Yesterday draw for weelyn but she off jorr didn't send to her.
Then bryan see dou ask me to draw for weelyn. LOL.

So here it is. (:

This one another one I draw for weelyn. More love geh :P 

Hoho. Then I drew bryan (without specs) He say look like girl -.-
My sister say his drawing better then mine -.-

2nd drawing of bryan! LOL!

Apa laa == Comment jor then delete. :P 
WTH moment I had when I saw this -.-

Yesterday, secretly text biee. He replied x3 he usually don't. So it's Sunday today. Malaysian teens are having STARWALK and so is biee :P Biee is not online -.- Boring day. Nothing to do. Help Weelyn do some blog stuff :P Chat with Weelyn and Bryan. Daydream. Think rubbish stuff. CONFUSE. FACEBOOK. Biee didn't reply my second text :( It's very difficult to wait for the person to text you back cos you just don't know when they would reply you! 

Taiwan singers actually sing malaysian chinese songs x)) 

My life changed a lot through the pass few years. From being the unpopular, nerdy one to the popular, pretty one. Well I don't say myself as pretty Jia Mun said to me. Cheers Jia Mun. I haven't had any god sis. Now I have a few. I didn't have lots of friends. I felt quite lonely and like no one to talk to. But now, I have someone to share my secrets I have friends that cheer me up when I am down. Although some of them are from Malaysia I still like them (: Distance doesn't matter. I still could visit them one day. I will go back to Malaysia. Well there is quite a lot of things I want to do when I go back to Malaysia and meet friend too (:

p.s This is kinda rubbish update. IHATEHIM. x3 

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