Monday, 28 June 2010

¦ SICK ¦

Thankyou MILOLIMKU ♥ for the post lorr. :) so touching leh! :D
I always do things without complaining for best friends xD thats me lorr :) 
My laptop is sick :(
(that explains why I didn't edit the picture)
Idiot human give me virus lorr. :( 
I can't get in to my documents. 
YORRR. :( Sad dou boom za!
Will less blog :'( until my laptop recovers maybe I will try tomorrow. 
I have some photos but all my blog codes are all gone :'( well not all laa. cos I have some codes from last time. 
I have to find them from scratch again. 
Sum tong dou :'((
Hope tomorrow I can on it back >.< 
Hope tomorrow have no trouble. 
My usb full jorr how to put my photos :( 
effing hell. -- I hate this. So no new photos :'( 
Well at least I can get to my photos. 
I have tutorials to teach still :( 
Feel regret that I open the stupid picture :( I am so stupid :( 

Sunday, 27 June 2010

¦ #47 ¦

I used 3 editor to edit this picture .___. 

Banner inspired by FLO 
Layout edited myself.

right riko ❤ her current banner

left riko ❤
I made the left first but then looks not so nice so I made another one and ended up with two banner >.< 
I love milolim's banner cos of the text. it glows! and the text matches with Super Riko and the picture not to forget that.
Some new pictures to share ^^
I just woke up and I kinda like the hair *selfloving* so I took some photos :P

Ohh one thing. Is my blog lag ?
This new layout it kinda crap. I have to make another one next time then or maybe not.
I still don't know what to cook on thursday :( cookies or cheese cake

Saturday, 26 June 2010

How to change favicon

Learn how to change blogger orange favicon to other attractive favicon ^^

Dashboard ->Design -> Edit HTML
Find the following code ctrl+f
ctrl+c to copy
copy and paste this code BELOW the code above

<link href='' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
<link href='' rel='icon' type='image/gif'/>

You can replace the URL with the URL of the image you want ^^
Icons can be found here


How to change mouse cursor

Dashboard -> Design -> Edit html 
Find the following code ctrl+f
ctrl+c to copy

COPY and PASTE this code BELOW the code above. 
<style>body {cursor:url(, url(, auto;} </style>

click 'SAVE' and you have a new cursor ^^
(You can replace the URL which are the text in red with the cursor you want)


<style>body {cursor:url(, url(, auto;} </style>

<style>body {cursor:url(, url(, auto;} </style>

<style>body {cursor:url(, url(, auto;} </style>

Some websites to get cursor ^^


Thursday, 24 June 2010

★●. Sports day .●★

Back blogging ❤
for like 3 days. LOL
SPORTS day today
I just did relay. I like relays. LOL.
I am not very active so not much to blog about. LOL.
tug of-war was nice to watch although our class didn't win.
3 weeks of study to go! 1 week for discovery days.
My most crazy photos x) 
memorable day to me ❤
Weelyn don't argue with John anymore laa. Althought I dunno what reason :S 
I have given up jor. Don't need to worry me ^-^
Thanks to MILOLIM! 
She have accompany me when I am down and help me sort out this and that things.
She have given me advice ^-^ IFINALLYGAVEUP
No love just friends :) 
but come to think of it I dunno how to be friends with him :S
Feel so WEIRD. lols. 
HELPED milolim to make her blog. woohoo.

Monday, 21 June 2010


I will be on HAITUS for a moment 
I have no mood to do anything
I have to plan all my tutorial so stay tune ^^ 
I am busy (alasan)
the only thing that can cheer me up is him ❤
but thats impossible at the moment.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

¦ #46 ¦

NOTE. This is a RANDOM post :P
My random craps.
ME. tomboy style. (:
Look like a girl only. -.-
Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday I think.
We had to eat dumplings but then we didn't cos we haven't got any.
Moreover it takes a long time to get to china town to get some. :|
These TAM TAM and MI-MI makes me remember of my childhood (:
I have it every class party. I actually want some now ><
I would quit facebook for a while - - 
I have unpleasant memories there.
I SERIOUSLY do have unpleasant memories. 
I am going to change EVERYTHING. Do not ask me why I think you wouldn't want to know. TRUST me. 
I will be leaving some tutorials these days. YAY! I am lazy you know. 
It's so difficult to explain it out in short and fast term. LOL. 
I have changed my sign! for my blog.
I rushed for my ICT homework, I thought it was due on Monday but it was next Monday -.- 
I am getting forgetful these days. 
LOL I just realise every sentence starts with I. LOL. 
This is a quite random post but oh well better then nothing (:
I know it's quite a crap ending and to be honest I always don't know how to end my post. LOL.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

¦ Surprise ¦

Planning for my summer holiday.
Well a part of it. teehee ;)
Enter password
My laptop lags like hell now so due to it this would be a short post --v 

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

¦ #45 ¦

New KIT KAT! :) 
I am LOVING it.
Long time I didn't update cos I was busy with some stuff like my cbox background.
And helping people with stuff ;) 
Well another reason is that I am quite lazy >.< ( have to be honest )
Anyway I found this website
You can download fonts you like, install and use it in your computer or laptop ^^
New icons for my bloggie cbox x3 
I downloaded so much stuff x3 normally icons and text only. hahaha. 
My cousin kieran is online ^^ chat with him for a while. hahahaha.
cooking fish cakes x3 hope they cook well tomorrow >.< I am bad at cooking.
webcam with bryan ^^ 
Bryan's kacak smile x)) 
BORING at the end. LOL
I think Bryan will kill me when he see this :o ( I am scared ) 
OMG her sister is so cutee x3 She's call Chloe.. I think x) 
He has so many brothers and sisters I wonder how he can cope with it. 
Lessons in school are so called BORING. I almost finish my art stuff (:
A random update

Monday, 14 June 2010

║Happy Birthday║


I didn't forget your birthday laa ;) 
I still remember you although we didn't chat much these days.
HAHA. Due to online not same time.
stay fat xD
stay healthier,
Find a BOYFRIEND! ;)
Don't forget me! 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

¦ TECH-Project ¦

Made this for TECHNOLOGY Project !
Topic is Multi Functional hand held device.
It's the name of my product.
I made it from styrofoam. FAKE one.
The front package of it. 
The back package of it.
The instruction sheet.
Inside of it.
Hoho. The whole thing!
Anyone wants to buy it? HAHAHA! 

¦ MSN ¦

MSN Drawings! :) 

Weelyn started to draw. LOL. so me and John also draw :P 
I saw baby draw a heart! Really happy when I see it lo. hoho.

My drawing to BABY ♥
But he didn't draw it back to me :'(
I ask him. He don't answer :(  

WAHAHA! My drawing to weelyn ت

No one draw for me :P Never mind. HAHAHA!