Friday, 7 May 2010


Okayyy xD long update xP 
delete the last post cos that was not a really proper update xD
ohh yeahh yesterday yesterday~ :P
FUNNY photo LMAO! with bryan xP
I have been laughing like maria xD laughing for no reasons xP 
I have been cool these days :/ giving people cold shoulders :/ 
ohh been a good lunch time today :D
with and other boys which I don't know their names xD
funny LMAO that time XP 

promoting MAGNUM ehh xD

Temptation Chocolate

looks expensive? it cost £1 for 3 piece LOL!

Inside of it :3 LOVE IT!! :D
I love chocolate :D

uglyness ehh :/
that's why I have no photos 
well I have some last time which I have specs on XD
ohh student ambassador sucks today ==
¬.¬ boring~ 
realise I have more black circles ¬.¬
why don't I get spam and others do :/ LOL XD
anyway I think cos my blog is rubbish :P
ahahahahaha! okayyy update for today ><
and also I realise that he worries when I late reply his text xD

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