Saturday, 22 May 2010


These days the weather is so hot >.< although it is 25ºC. Summer is coming which means holiday it coming. YAY! can't wait for the holidays then more ONLINE! YES! I have to wear no-sleeve shirt now after school cos I have to walk back home and it is so HOT!  

some photos taken few days ago. LOL some are with my sisters. well almost every photo actually. Random camwhores. teehee. Some with my NERD look.

all edited by me (: simple edits. 

-____- school work. Urgh. Maths homework to go. Ignore the green box beside me. It's my cross stitch stuff. hahaha. I just have maths and tech anyway I'll do it tomorrow. Was a pretty good DRAMA lesson yesterday to be honest. Played games and OMGIEEE he offered to be my partner >____< KYAAAA~ No one would ever offer to be my partner == That's why I was a bit surprised. LOL. 

Okayy that's my school stuff. Love life. Got 2 text today. YAY! Nothing much happened between us. Boring ._. Sweet sweet in text oni xP I typed alot of wrong things .__. My brain too much stuff when I am online - - ohh yeahh. He asked for my height and weight ¬.¬ actually I don't even know my weight. I think I know. LOL.

Ohh yeahh. YAY! My sister is going to Yorkshire from Monday to Friday. YES! Don't need to argue with her.

I have new picturee ♥ Next time I will post it up on FACEBOOK! when I am bored with the one I am with. hahahahha. self-loving ehh. woopsyy daisy. Been making lots of lots of mistakes == I have to be more careful now (: Ohh yeahh. CHENELAINE my new sisterr ♥ LOVE HER. Elaine babeeee ♥ ILY. 

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