Monday, 10 May 2010


my desktop background ;D found it randomly in google images xD
weee :D got a new laptop ;D
teehee :D LOL! xD DELL laptop ;D
woohoo! syokk ;D
okayy need clam down

I have nothing much to say actually ><
ohh got a wordpress blog ;D LOL! xD
sorry I don't add strangers on facebook :P
if you are girl then I will be more happy to add u :D if ur a boy no way :P
-.- learn from school 0.0v

LOL >< I don't know weather xD I should download editor anot :/
maybe not ><
use websites editor :D teehee

OMG tomorrow dance ><
I hate dance! ==
two weeks to their exams xD weee~
hope dar dar won't too stress (: I think ><

that's today update ;D teehee :D
I think I still have to copy some photos to here :D

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