Friday, 14 May 2010


new photo ♥
others with my face so ugly ><!! so didn't upload it. hahaha. 

conteng my hand ♥

love this one ♥

I said I would upload some photos of my laptop so here it is
new laptop. DELL. black
I only could choose from pink, red and black so I choose black XD

close and open.

love my background ♥ can change every few minutes :D
cos it's windows 7
"windows 7 was my idea"

thursday was food lesson.
make some pasties :3 like curry puffs but
filling is potatoes, bacon, cheese
I'll make for you if you want! ;)
no flash.
moody these days him and me -______-
anyway everything coming 
no time chat with him just message once in a while
text once with him everyday
LOL. enough of those stuff anyway ohh yeah been ages since I blog about lovey dovey stuff. LOL. 
update for today - -
tired jorr -___- I have no strength to fight with people
I will just give up - - v 
let them win - -

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